All you need to know about hiring a great business consultant.

Hiring a business consultant can help improve performance and make changes to achieve business goals, whether starting your business from scratch, growing your team or seeking business expertise.

What is a Business Consultant?

A business consultant is a person who advises clients on how to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively by giving professional advice. They do this by helping them identify problems and work through solutions. A business consultant doesn’t necessarily need to be an expert in the field; they do, however, need to have business experience to know what questions to ask. Business consultants may specialise in Planning, Accounting, Operations, Marketing, Management and Human Resources.


What does a Business Consultant do?

The business consultant works on an ongoing basis to improve operations and effectiveness. They usually work closely with business owners and managers to identify areas of improvement, recommend solutions, and sometimes assist in implementing those changes.


What are the advantages of engaging a Business Consultant?

If you’re looking for a way to make your business more successful, a business consultant can help by advising on growing your company and improving its performance. Engaging a business consultant can also:

  • Offer businesses a fresh perspective and new ideas. But unfortunately, many business owners and managers struggle to see the big picture as they are too close to the situation, whereas a consultant has a fresh mind and viewpoint;
  • Help you manage your employees and other aspects of your business through policy and procedure writing;
  • Propose a clear picture of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, which you may have become blind to over time;
  • Create and update strategic plans and business plans, making the process smoother by guiding the development of these plans more effectively and clearly, and assisting in putting them into action;
  • Provide objectivity – they don’t work directly for your company, so they will see issues through a different lens;
  • Having a network of resources you may not otherwise have access to. These can be used to gain skills and knowledge and introduce the expertise of people outside your company or provide information that you may not even be aware of.


Why do businesses hire a Business Consultant?


Small business owners use consultants to fill gaps in their skills and knowledge or get a new, objective, and professional viewpoint on a specific issue.

Save money, time, and effort

Small businesses need help in cost containment and increasing productivity. A business consultant can offer advice on strengthening your business on both fronts. A consultant can help you spot fresh opportunities and avoid common pitfalls when your business is growing.

To find the problem(s)

Sometimes, a company’s management may suffer from a lack of vision or poor communication, causing problems. In this situation, an external consultant can examine the symptoms and issues in your operations, analyse them, and figure out what’s wrong.

If you are lacking inspiration and perspective

Consultants are exposed to many people, situations and companies you won’t normally have contact with, so seek a consultant for inspiration, change management, or fresh ideas.

To create the solution(s)

If you have a goal you cannot fulfill internally, hiring an outside expert may help you achieve success faster and more efficiently.


Under certain circumstances, your company may have developed rapidly, and you’ve realised there are several areas you might need to improve. A consultant can provide a fresh look at your company, examine any part of your operation, and help you improve productivity.

Grow for the future

When you’re a small business owner, it can be hard to figure out what areas to focus on in your next round of growth. Engaging a business consultant with the right mix of skills and knowledge can help you find the solution and move your business forward.


What Makes a Great Business Consultant?

When looking for a business consultant, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of options. Here are our top tips for finding the right fit:

Team Player

A great consultant who will work well with others.

Have Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills include both oral and written skills. The ability to be a good speaker is as important as having the ability to write straightforward, concise emails and presentations. As consultants often act as ‘Subject Matter Experts’, being able to deliver a message, either written or verbal, is critical.


They can quickly adapt to new projects, work cultures, and colleagues. Their adaptability and technical expertise allow them to take on their roles rapidly.


They are optimistic about their skills and expertise to collaborate well with others. They exhibit natural leadership, putting company goals and team spirit above their egos.


They don’t give up when things get tough. They accept negative feedback and setbacks, take the time to learn from them, and move on.


They listen first and speak second. They focus on helping their clients reach their goals.

If your business is looking for a great business consultant who will take the time to listen to your challenges, help you to develop solutions, and get to know key people in your business, then book a time with Debbie from Debbie Roberts Consulting at or call 0477 999 796.



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